Support from Home

You can make a difference from the comfort of home when you participate in any of the following projects or purchase any of the following items to help those in need. All donations are tax-deductable.

Support those in need by purchasing essential supplies:

foster children

$25 New Socks & Underwear

$10 Hygiene Kit

$10 Blanket

$25 Backpack w/ school supplies

$64 Bus pass for aging out foster youth

feed and clothe the homeless

$15 Underwear

$10 Blanket

$15 Package of Socks

$35 Snackbags for 10

$50 Sack lunches for 10

$150 Pallet of Water Bottles

caring for elderly

$10 Blanket

$10 Adult coloring book & pencils

$15 Package of grip socks

$25 Arts & Crafts

Substance Exposed Newborns

$10 Pack of Daipers

$15 Soothing Kit

$15 Bath Kit

$25 Welcome Kit

addiction recovery

$10 Blanket

$10 Hygiene Kit

$15 Bottled Water

$25 Arts & Crafts

war on cancer

$10 Individually wrapped candy

$15 Bottled Water

$20 Adult activity books