Casey & Virginia

Meet Casey & Virginia.

They recently made the trip to the Philippines to visit Virginia‘s family who she hadn’t seen in 20 years.. This was Casey‘s first time visiting the Phillipines.

Virginia’s family of seven lived in a “hut” that was put together with leftover plywood, bamboo sheets and a tin roof. There was no running water, just a shared well nearby for bucket-showers and doing dishes. Electricity consisted of an extension cord running across a wash to a neighbor’s home, who charged them a small fee for the use. They have lived this way for many years in order to pay for their kids education. They made this sacrifice because it was important to them that their kids graduate high school

Seeing their family situation, Casey and Virginia came up with a plan to help. First, find a safe home for them to live in that had four walls and a roof that would stand up to storms and not soak all of their belongings. Plumbing and electricity was a bonus. Second, teach them how to run a successful business with the motorcycle and sidecar they helped purchase for them to start a taxi service. This would enable the family to increase their income and quality of life Now the family is thriving in their business and new home.

“It has been a few months and the joy we see on their face is amazing!” said Casey. ” Simple things I took for granted, they are overjoyed with.”

The newley added WiFi gives them the ability to talk everyday. Casey offers advice to help run the family taxi business and the family has come up with additional ways to earn income. Life is moving forward.

Casey & Virginia saw a need in their own family and went to work to help! Thanks for cultivating goodness! 🌱