Meet Donelle

Meet Donelle. Donelle has a passion for serving those in need. She delivers meals to the elderly, drives a big truck to collect medical supplies to send to 3rd world countries, packages food at a food bank and helps raise awareness of needs in our community, just to name a few! 


While dropping off treats to a nursing home one day, she went inside and talked to the staff to get to know the needs of some of the residents. She found that several of them had no family to visit them, or to help provide for their basic needs. The residents also did not have enough clothes. Donelle went straight to work. With the help of her amazing friends, she raised hundreds of dollars in just 24 hours to buy new clothes for them. 


 “I grew up with parents that taught me by example. I watched them serve others and saw not only how it blessed those they served but also our family as well. It just became a part of me as well.” says Donelle.


She finds these needs in her community through a website called JustServe is a website for local nonprofits to post current needs. They rely on people in the community like Donelle to help lend a hand.  Service opportunities range from volunteering at a food bank to mentoring a foster child, or donating needed supplies to the homeless. She has worked with JustServe for about three years.


 “I encourage local nonprofits to use JustServe and also reach out to the community to help fill those needs. There are so many individuals that are in need.  Almost every single person has time, energy and/or means to help someone in need. It is a passion that all of us can have if we realize that as Mother Teresa once said, ‘If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” says Donelle.


Donelle’s husband, Randy, and their four children often join in as well. “Service has been proven to increase self-esteem, hope, gratitude, and even teenagers are less likely to focus on themselves and their own problems. I have seen this in my own family as we make service an everyday part of our lives.”


Donelle is a force for good and invites you to join in and do what you can.  “We all can do something, even if it is something small.  There are so many nonprofits in our community doing such great things, but they need our help.  Most of them have skeleton crews and even some run all by volunteers. If each of us just took even one hour each week, think of the difference we could make. Please go to, register for an account if you don’t have one, and then search for ways that you can help in our community.  I hope to see you out and about, doing good.  It’s that easy and I promise it will bless your life.” says Donelle.


Thanks for Cultivating Goodness Donelle!