Meet Neeley

Meet Neeley. 


This bright young girl founded Neeley’s Chronic Joy when she was just 15 years old. She has a passion for spreading joy to children and teens who suffer from chronic illness. Suffering from chronic illness herself, she knows firsthand the physical, emotional and financial burden a chronic illness can be on the child and family. 


When I got sick a little over 3 years ago, my world came tumbling down. I could no longer do many of the activities I once could. At times I felt like I no longer had a purpose. I felt a loss of who I once was. I quickly realized that I was going to have to find other outlets if I ever wanted to experience joy again. I learned to find joy in doing calligraphy, playing the guitar, and serving others. I soon found that many other chronically ill kids felt the same way I did. This is what inspired me to start Neeley’s Chronic Joy Foundation in 2018.”  said Neeley. 


Neeley’s Chronic Joy Foundation has helped countless chronically ill children by providing enrichment activities they can do despite their illness, while helping the family with basic needs.


“Before getting sick, I could have never imagined having the amazing opportunity to serve others in such a unique way. Though having a chronic illness is still a daily struggle, it has brought me to understand what is truly important in life, loving and serving others. My favorite part of what I do is meeting the kids I serve. They are some of the strongest, kindest and most grateful people. All the hard work I put into my foundation is worth it when I get to see the big smile on a child’s face, as I tell them about the fun activity we are providing them with.” 

Neeley is now 16 years old. Her dream is to help hundreds of chronically ill children and their families find joy and support throughout their journey. We have no doubt she will!

Thank you for cultivating goodness Neeley!