Trevor & Courtney

Meet Trevor and Courtney.


This cute couple are my son and daughter-in-law. They are 3rd generation foster parents. (I guess I didn’t ruin foster care for Trevor after all!) Before this couple had even married they talked about becoming foster parents. Trevor knew a lot about foster care and Courtney loved children.  After they were married for a few years they planned to start their family. “We thought we’d have a few kids and then get into foster care but we ended up having some infertility issues and going straight to foster care instead.” Courtney says. “The idea of kids in need of help and a loving home tugged at our hearts and we just felt drawn to it early on.”


They anxiously took all the classes required and got their license in October of 2018. Shortly afterward they got a call to come pick up a sweet 3-day-old baby boy straight from the hospital. They were smitten and so excited to be parents. After a few months of getting their feet wet with a new baby they decided to open up their home again and took in a sibling set: a 20-month-old and 6-month-old. They had their hands full with three kids under the age of 2! Their lives became crazy-busy instantly. Sadly, they eventually had to say good-bye to these two siblings that they had loved and cared for as their own. Shortly after those two children left they received a baby girl that they still have today along with the little boy. They are pursuing adopting for both kids.


Foster care has given Trevor and Courtney the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood. “Being able to make an impact on a child’s life even for just a brief time is a great feeling!” says Courtney. “The whole “I couldn’t do that, I’d get too attached”, that’s just crazy to me. The whole point of bringing these children into your home is so that you can get attached and show them what loving parents and a good home are. It’s crucial for healthy development and helps give the child a fighting chance for a better future!”


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?”

~Winnie the Pooh


I get the privilege of being grandma to these kids. It has been amazing to watch Trevor and Courtney go through this journey. I have been so touched to see them welcome these kids into their home and love them with all their hearts. I have always loved Courtney from the day I met her but seeing her love these kids has brought out the best in her. Trevor is an amazing dad and is willing to do anything for these kids. Parenthood looks good on these two. Thanks for doing what you felt called to do and for Cultivating Goodness.