1 TON Water Challenge

July 1st-31st, 2024

We need your help! Summer is upon us, temperatures are rising and so is the need for water bottle donations. During the month of July, Cultivate Goodness is challenging individuals and businesses to donate TONS of much needed water.

1 pallet of water= 1 TON

$200 Pallet of Water Bottles

ADD a Pallet To cart Donate any amount

We need your help to provide much needed water bottles for AZ homeless! We have 3 ways to help:

Donate any amount:
$10 = 96 water bottles
$25 = 240 water bottles
$50 = 480 water bottles
$100 = 960 water bottles
$150 = 1440 water bottles
$200 = 1920 water bottles


Donate a pallet or a few and take the plunge! Contact us and we will come take a video of you either jumping into a pool or having friends, family or coworkers dump buckets of water on you. We will highlight you on our social media platforms.*Local AZ residents only.


Drop off cases of water to any heat relief station found at



Heat relief Station

Your donation to the Cultivate Goodness 1 TON Water drive will provide much needed water to AZ individuals experiencing homelessness.
Cultivate Goodness is a Qualified Charitable Organization for the AZ state tax credit. Donate up to $841 and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona State Taxes. #22201

Don’t have PayPal? Venmo or Zelle Us!

Venmo @cultivategoodness 

Zelle kgeisler@cultivate-goodness.org

Interested in providing other needed items for the homeless?

Is your business looking to do some good in the community this summer? We want to help! Let us recognize your business by supporting our 1 TON Water Drive. Simply donate a pallet or more and we will display your logo as one of our supporters.