We Make Serving Easy!

We seek out areas of greatest need and provide relief, cultivating goodness in our local community.

We find the greatest need through research, active involvement in our community. We believe there are many people in need right here in our own community. We want to wrap our arms around those in need and provide a lift.

We gather in meaningful local events and online platforms, uniting in a common goal of helping others.

We bridge the gap between those that want to volunteer and those in need by providing a variety of service projects big and small. Whether you want to brighten someone’s day or provide essential items for those in need, we make serving easy!

Our foremost objective is to lift and bring joy to those we serve.

We believe that there are so many benefits to serving others. Not only are you building a better and stronger community, but you are lifted as well. We all benefit when we come together to serve in unity. We invite YOU to come, join us in Cultivating Goodness within our community!

Meet Kelly Geisler, President & CEO

“Often times we feel we are serving and lifting others and realize we are the ones that received more than we gave. It’s a powerful thing!”

Kelly is a native Arizonan whose parents became foster parents when she was just 6 years old. Over the course of 25 years she was a foster sibling to 125 foster kids. As a young girl she often dreamed of running an orphanage where every child was loved and cared for as her own. Kelly has been a foster parent to special needs kids since 1994 and is mom to 11 beautiful children. She feels these children have given her much more than she could ever provide for them. Her experiences have helped her develop great empathy and compassion for those who have challenges. She founded Cultivate Goodness in 2019 and hopes to inspire others to join her in serving those in need.