Happy Father’s Day

I was a daddy’s girl. When my dad came home from work I ran with excitement to greet him. He would grab my hands and let me walk up his legs and then flip backwards. I did it repeatedly until he said no more. When it was time to wash up for dinner my dad would stand behind me and wash at the same time, his big hands over mine. I loved it! Occasionally, he took me to his office on a Saturday. He had a big office upstairs. Across the hall there was a cabinet stocked with everyone’s favorite candy that I could raid.  To me unlimited free candy was the ultimate in dream jobs! 

As I started dating, boys used to comment on how fierce my dad looked. They were intimidated by him. I never told them he was probably the nicest man they’d ever meet. A little fear never hurt anyone, especially if they were dating his daughter. My dad has been my biggest fan and #1 supporter in anything I’ve ever chosen to put my energy into. He has put together more cribs than anyone I know and would come over in a second if I asked him to put together another. He is the most frugal yet most generous man on the planet! For as long as I can remember he has folded up a $20 bill and “hides” it in his wallet. It’s emergency money. I received emergency money on occasion. I always felt a little guilty taking it. 

When my daughter Nicole was a baby he was the only sitter that could watch her. She cried and cried when we left but he just patiently rocked her until she fell asleep. She would still be catching her breath from crying so hard even in her sleep when we got back home. He is a dog whisperer. ALL dogs love hime and are drawn to him. He is gentle, kind and honest to his core. 

In March 2020,, my dad was having some health issues. Testing showed cancer. This was devastating news! Thoughts of losing him or being in pain felt very scary and heavy. Fortunately, successful surgery to remove his cancerous kidney put him into remission.

I am so grateful for my dad. I got my patience & wit from him, and some of his mad math skills. I admire his love for the Savior and willingness to do and be good. He inspires me to be better. I love you dad,

Happy Father’s Day!